New blog pursuing new passion “ATX 3 things”

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I started a new blog last Thursday for my new passion and love and also for this lovely city which I called home.

1) Finally figured it out ATX meant Austin Texas, kept seeing this short three letters on Web,  news and Craigslist and not sure what it meant until last week lol. It made more sense now everything I come across it and got a chance to laugh at myself and my silliness lol

2) it’s rare to get a chance to get to know a new city you started calling home. How excited is that? I remember first time I created a blog in a way for the same purpose,  document what I experience and have something of my own to read later on. Same as this time,  hope I can keep up with the experience and keep blogging regularly. Let the writer God recruit and consume me turning me into one of her protégé blogger lol.
3) This is a lifetime opportunity.  I don’t think I would ever get a chance to get to know Austin again and real like for the first time. You might get a second chance to know more or the different parts of something but it will never the same experience so I want to enjoy this and hope you will too. Be patient and enjoy the ride huh

Look me at and keep in touch!

Nice weather for a lazy Sunday.  I guess Fall is here taking care of us ❤



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