October – Germans’ month

Posted: October 10, 2014 in social events
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October is Robert’s favorite month, since it’s his birthday and also month of beer fest.  We decided to drive to Fredericksburg, Texas, nice small German town, which is about 1 hour 30 mins away from us for OktoberFest

After stood in line,  bought tickets, drank some beers, ate some sausages, saw some German walking about, listened to some German music …..realized this OktoberFest is not that big at all but quite nice.

Here is my quick summary of the events.

1) I still don’t know anything about German and their food except their sausages and some of their beers!

2) The outfit they were wearing as shorts made by leather and hot. The ladies in their summer dresses are so cute,

3) There were some art collection there but nothing stood out to me speaking German at all

4) I thought it was a beer fest but guess what they also sold wine, since Frederickburg is surrounding with wineries

5) Thanks to this beer fest I got to try out craw fish sausages! I don’t think this is the German sausage maybe has a Texan twist to it.

6) We tried to get something German or beer fest to bring back but couldn’t fit the hats they were selling so he ended up bought a t-shirt from Fredericksburg Fire Dept. What’s up with that? lol

7) Germans at beer fest are much friendlier than the regular professional Germans? Maybe because it was beer fest and they started out with beer or just had a festive attitude at this event?…

On the way home, we know we must come back here to do a wine tasting day or weekend! If you are looking for a place close to Austin for a day trip, think of Frederickburg.

You can find more information about this city at these links



Not sure how you are celebrating your October, but have a cold one and smile!


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