Texas winter and looking forward to 2015

Posted: December 30, 2014 in thoughts
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Its been a year to feel this kind of weather again. It seemed like summer was just here and left quickly. Just told Robert that I can deal with this cold dreadful weather if I can do snowboarding, and will bite my tongue wont complain at all …Snowboarding in Texas that would be something I’m looking forward to since I read an article about them building a sky resort here in Texas soon.

So not like the regular Christmas I have experienced in CA or Saigon, this was my first one in Texas. We had 2 beautiful days for Christmas Eve and Christmas but somehow something is not the same. We put up the tree, got more lights outside, more ornaments on the tree than last year and more gifts underneath the tree. Nikki even got her yummy Christmas gift. Still it’s not the same when you are not celebrating Christmas with your family. I have more friends here in Austin comparing to last year but my heart was divided into 2 parts: 1 big section for California and the other one was for the Saigon Christmases I knew.

On another note, this was our little family first Christmas: Robert, I and Nikki and as us being a married couple with a furry kid! We are heading to New Year Eve tomorrow with a cold freeze coming and us with no solid plan what to do on NYE and that would be okay too!. With this kind of weather beside cold, freezing wind and extra fogging on top I worry that the Austin NYE at Butler Park wont happen. Cuddling inside a blanket with a warm cozy fireplace might be our little nuclear family New Year Eve plan.

What I am looking forward in 2015?

1) Peace for the world

2) Health for my family

3) I want to SERVE, GIVE and BE THE CHANGE!

2015 I’m wishing you the best of love, luck and achieve what you want and hope for, be all you can be 🙂



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