For 1st year anniversary celebration in June!

Posted: August 3, 2015 in thoughts

What about June? This June came and went by quickly, with everything and all the love. It’s our 1st anniversary! This June reminds me of how I wasn’t not calm last June all stressed out and doing last minutes stuff for the Vegas trip, and in a better place this part of my life. It also reminds me how lucky I am to have someone special as him, who is understanding and very supportive. Now to think back of last June why would I even be scared marrying this wonderful man 🙂

Visiting Galveston 2nd time was much better because of these things we did: stayed next to the beach, enjoyed listening to the waves since no swimming at the beach warning, hung out with a Tina at the Jacuzzi was great, saw Robert’s grandfather’s house, walked around the Strain and read its history, drove around checking the island, ate great seafood and of course the best was he planned everything!

If you asked me more than 1 year ago about marriage, I would suggest you NOT doing it lol, now after 1 year, we are happy where we are at and working toward our future home. This decision was good for me, maybe not for everyone and we intend to work hard at being happy with each other. I believed getting married is a hard decision but staying married and being happy with whom you are with is even harder.

So June was great and looking forward to July!keep-calm-its-our-one-year-anniversary


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