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March came and went away quickly.

All of my 4 weekends in March were busy, 3 out of those 4 were for fundraising for Youth Leadership Len Duong camp 2015, and I worked the remain weekend.

March is always special to me, since it’s my, my sister, and my mom’s birth month. It’s also the month of remember my grandma, who passed away middle of March. This March I couldn’t come back visit my mom, sister to celebrate our birthday together or have a family gathering in CA for my grandma death anniversary. This is also the second March I have been in Austin.

Beginning of March it was a great chance I got from a friend, who introduced us to the group teaching him to meditate. I always wanted to learn more about meditation and its wonderful benefit, suddenly it happened. I got this gift from above, and I’m so grateful for this birthday gift. I have been trying to practice more and more everyday and hopefully I will continue doing this until the last day. Want to know more about the meditation class I took you can check out this site:

This year, I dedicated my first six months for fundraising Youth Leadership Len Duong camp 2015. You might ask what it is. It’s a program organized by Vietnamese Culture and Science Association, headquartered in Houston. I got a chance to attend their camp in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 …then I had to take a break since I moved to Asia. Last year was my first time coming back, and the new LD team had woken my passion of this special Youth Leadership program, which I loved a lot.

You can visit link: to find out more information this awesome organization

Also visit this link: to learn more about Len Duong camp. This is special program for youth from 18 and above, and also provide 11 scholarships for youth to apply so they can come to camp and meet other great Vietnamese American youths all over US, Canada and other places.

I have to say it was a challenge to take on this fundraising lead task, but that’s why it makes everything so much fun. So far our 4 teams from Houston, Dallas, Austin, Vancouver hosted our own fundraising effort and did a great job!  I’m learning everyday and being very grateful for having a chance just doing that.

Personally I’m trying to raise $3000 goal but it might be such a big goal for first time doing this lol, if you learn about VCSA and Len Duong camp and want to donate for this good cause, please visit this link to donate online: Thank you so much!

March will always be special month, doesn’t matter what year!


November – Fall – even though I can hardly see the color of leaves changing around ATX but with the temperature dropping, it is telling us to put on the fire, extra jacket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

I love this season and of course everyone else does too. Since the holidays is around the corner, I’m conscious about food and being healthy (yes went to the doctor too lol).

Read about how great sweet potatoes can do for our body, here is my summary 9 things it has: vitamin B6, C, D, iron, Magnesium, potassium, natural sugar for bloodstream, high in carotenoids protect against the effects of aging and last you can anything with it like: cook, roast, puree, smoothie, steam, bake or grill….

I’m dedicating sweet potatoes for November. It has colors of autumn, it can be a reminder that we need to be good to our body, and of course it tastes yummy

3 ways I love to cook sweet potatoes for this month:

1) Hasselback Sweet Potatoes: – this one is so yummy!

2) Sweet Potato Chili: – could be great on the rainy days.

3) Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes with honey cinnamon dip:

Try these out and let me know how you like it. Have a sweet potatoes November with love!



I started a new blog last Thursday for my new passion and love and also for this lovely city which I called home.

1) Finally figured it out ATX meant Austin Texas, kept seeing this short three letters on Web,  news and Craigslist and not sure what it meant until last week lol. It made more sense now everything I come across it and got a chance to laugh at myself and my silliness lol

2) it’s rare to get a chance to get to know a new city you started calling home. How excited is that? I remember first time I created a blog in a way for the same purpose,  document what I experience and have something of my own to read later on. Same as this time,  hope I can keep up with the experience and keep blogging regularly. Let the writer God recruit and consume me turning me into one of her protégé blogger lol.
3) This is a lifetime opportunity.  I don’t think I would ever get a chance to get to know Austin again and real like for the first time. You might get a second chance to know more or the different parts of something but it will never the same experience so I want to enjoy this and hope you will too. Be patient and enjoy the ride huh

Look me at and keep in touch!

Nice weather for a lazy Sunday.  I guess Fall is here taking care of us ❤


Delicious Tacodeli

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Tacodeli was so awesome. Tried the famous Cowboy Taco as the ordering staff suggested, my lips were on fire but very little bits were delicious. Their El Conquistador was less spicy but not any less delicious.
Since 1999, with 5 locations, this Austin original award-winning Mexican flavors local spot hand make from scratch all of their menu items, salsas and sauces and use locally sources and organic ingredients.
What I also love about them is willing to come up with specially new fushion thing so close to my heart called Banh Mi Taco.

Make sure you try that one if you get a chance to stop by this place.

Until next time!

1 Year!

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They said first year is always bad. I expected, projected, and waited for it. One year had passed, with many major changes in life, many new experience and the challenges while going through changes.


What are the changes you may ask, and here is the list

1) Moving back to California was great, got to live closer to family and saw and talked my parents often than the last 5 years.

2) Shared a room at my college roommate’s house and her three kids along with a very picky babysitter. That was a mixed old and new experience while realizing life didn’t stand by us, but took us for a twisted with dealing both kids and elderly. Of course the kids were much easier than the babysitter lol Amazing to see your college friend with her 3 beautiful children and hear their daily conversation about anything and everything.  It’s always the adorable but handful kids make it easier than the adults

3) GOT MARRIED! Yes i’m surprised too, didn’t plan it, didn’t want it, avoided it for the longest time.

He said: “it took me 5 1/2 years to marry him”

I asked “Were you counting?”

He said “I didn’t have, already knew”

Informed my parents long time ago, not expect me getting married and have kids like other people’s children. It was not on my list at all and didn’t want to put it on for anyone if I didn’t have a good reason to it. I acknowledged that I dislike the idea of getting married but didn’t know its a PHOBIA: lost of sleep, hard to breath, headache, restless and the above.

2 months, yes it took me 2 months dealing with my phobia to sit down, crack my brain to really give it a thought, search for reasons beside loving him and wanting to be with him versus loving and being with him the rest of my life. Now that would be a scary part wont you say? Most of our friends and family would say, what’s the different you guys already liked other marriage couples. I would answer “That’s what would I say, why would anyone want to go through this complicated and troublesome process to get just a piece of paper saying that we are bind to be together” and not even dare to mention the word “FOREVER” … many sleepless nights and trouble days, we DID it in Vegas baby. I’m telling you I’m so glad its over and we only had to do it once in our life. I still don’t understand why people feels like they HAVE to do it or even do it again and again.

4) Community volunteering projects I did
– Operation Turkey, witnessed a lot of turkeys got smoked, checked temperature, moved around, packed and transported to storage and bikini girls serving beers in 20s degrees weather lol.
– Saheli Language Advocate and outreach, trained in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
– Pink Bus Prevention Examination: breast cancer and other…
– Len Duong Youth Leadership Camp after 5 years being away. It was a treat and motivation to get back and do more
-A.S.I.A Foundation: working with PR Marketing team building new website and brochure
5) Most important: reconnect with old good friends, and making a bunch of young, new and energetic friends.

It was a great year. Counting my blessing daily for these gifts!

It has been a while to have my Memorial weekend all booked up. Brought back memory of telling my family and friends i wont be able to join them if its on that weekend. 4 days thing is dedicated for this team and its great cause. It took me back 10 years ago, my first camp, and at the camp I gained a reason to volunteer along with a bunch of new friends. Some of those friends turn into 10 years friendship. Thought of them while I was at camp, and whispering to myself “aren’t I glad that I’m back to this? Appreciating the friendships I got out of this!”

Things I gathered and thankful for this Len Duong camp
– Appreciating my 10 years friendship from the first 2004 camp
– Grateful for being part of this great group of people and what they have been doing
– Recharging and motivating me to get back to volunteering and get in my community
– Surrounding me with great energy of this amazing team
– New friendships which I need to connect and nurture
– I want to do more and be more involved…
– Wanting to be a mentor to this younger group
– Loving life an people Im with…many more

Definitely back again for next year for another recharging session!

Signed with my undying love for Len Duong camp and the people behind this great mission!


Yes you’re right.

I’m blaming the raining day because it makes me wanting to writing something. I haven’t done this often and it seems like at least couple years. This corner got all covered by spider webs, and so gloomy with nothing excited over here worth to mention at all.

Woke up at 5-6am, not have been sleeping well at all, and raining day like this other people would love to stay in bed and cuddle or bury themselves under the blankets. I was holding my can’t-live-without cellphone to read either facebook status or news, or any good holiday deals online. Not sure since when we or I specifically got so hooked with either cellphone or tablet? Got no answer for that, don’t try to ask me that again, you might get a beaten up and dont even ask me why 🙂 (Just dont like not having answer sometimes ha ha) 

I hardly touch my laptop, either lazy or just stress out every time it seems like if I opened my laptop I will sit and star at it at least 5-6 hours non stop until I get this major headache or can’t sit crooked any longer without a proper desk.

It’s been a bit over 6 months in a new city with one good friend and no family around. This is pretty new set up for me. Dont get me wrong, I love new changes. I embrace challenges and actually fell in love with this city long time ago, and did promise that If I’ve ever moved out of California this would be where I want to be. Guess what I’m here and Im staying for a while. Maybe I will have another note dedicating to this beloved City later on.

With Adele singing in the background, the rain just makes thing slowing down, its not like life is going fast here, where it has both sides of new, hip and excited city and a bit of mellow countryside with hilly streets full of fall leaves, surrounding with green trees and of course crazy drivers speeding to get somewhere without realizing that they got nowhere with crowding highway and overgrowing population way too quick for the city planning to build more roads.

Raining day does make me rambling endlessly with words with no specific reasons or motives. Sometimes it feels like you just want to say something, and also know none of those saying making any senses lol

I miss the blue sky with no white clouds, cool breeze and sun rays piecing through leaves and trees. It rains so the wandering deers must be hiding somewhere leaving the wet, green grass waiting for their little foot prints coming by for their daily fresh meals.

Life is full of surprises I can tell you that. Ask me about all these about 6 months ago, I couldn’t tell you these are what I am experiencing almost everyday now and loving all of it.

I love the nice sunny days, the gloomy raining days, even start loving the cold freezing days came anytime.

I love walking with Nikki in the rain or a windy day….Finally bought a big umbrella since the rain here is different like the one I used to in Saigon.

I learned to love my fireplace, sleeping with the heater on like I have to deal with sleeping with the fan on in Saigon.

I guess we just have to love what we have and been given to.

Time for a walk with the furry one…

Got to catch up with my writing right? See you next time!

Love life wherever you are! Got to love the rainy day so we can appreciate the sunny day more ❤

*Photo courtesy from Digital Photo School somewhere 🙂Image