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Feb came and going very quickly. It was so busy I couldn’t even grab of what did happened and what didn’t. Just wanted to write down quickly important things happened in Feb I didn’t want to forget.

Valentine’s Day, it happened on Sat, and was almost the same as other Valentines’ Day, we didn’t go out and decided to celebrate it quietly at home with specially meal prepared by my one and only personal chef, Mr. DeWitt. The different of this year, it marked our first Valentines’ celebration as husband and wife, still sounding so strange to me. We had lamb instead of steak or fish/chicken. I think he was sick of trying to eat healthy lol. I’m not sure if I would remember what we ate for our first marriage Valentine’s dinner, but I know I will remember how sweet my husband is right now!

Valentine’s special dinner

Daddy’s birthday – Not sure how many birthday we didn’t get a chance to celebrate together, this would be another thing to add on the we-miss list. Last year was his 60th birthday, and he mentioned that he’s not a birthday kind of guy, wondering what’s happened here. I’m SO birthday kind of gal, maybe I got this from the mom’s side not his. By the way my birthday is coming this weekend, maybe there will be a blog for the birthday and the whole month celebration!

Lunar New Year Celebration – yes you read that right, not Chinese New Year but Lunar New Year. This would mark our second Tet festival  here in Austin. Went to the Tet Festival here hosted by the local Vietnamese American Community and had to admit they did a better job than last year. That is a good new starting out this year right! This month was instantly busy with closing up a big project and many events for this celebration. I don’t even have time to make my Tet traditional caramelized pork & eggs stew. I ordered banh chung (Tet rice cakes) to give out as gifts but didn’t get them until after Tet. At least the people I gave the gifts to didn’t mind so much about when they got it lol. Thanks to the Mr. of the house, he made some caramelized pork & eggs stew to have some Tet festival flavor at the end. Working at the Asian chamber, putting Lunar New Year mixer was fun, and also found out there are only 3 Asian countries celebrating this special occasion, yes beside China and Vietnam, Korea is the other party goers.  I love this kind of event where we can connect many local business people and also highlight where they are from beside who they are. It was an awesome event!

Heading to Houston this weekend for a fundraising event for Len Duong camp 2015 and have lunch with some good friends. This year I’m dedicating my first 6 months to Len Duong camp!

Feb of 2015 was great, crazy busy but GREAT, and I know March will be much better! Until next time…..