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Today is April 30, which is an important day for Vietnamese. It depends if you are living in Vietnamese, you could enjoy the national holiday, taking off somewhere fun outside of Saigon like I would have done when I was living in Vietnam, but back in U.S. it’s called Black April, it’s the day the oversea Vietnamese remembering how they lost the Vietnam War to the Northern Vietnamese, the Communist aka Viet Cong.

You will see the yellow flag with red stripes representing oversea Vietnamese community remembrance posts, interviews, march, telling the stories, pictures of their love ones, of them being a young refugees leaving their country, their family behind searching for freedom away from their birth place.  On the other side of the world, in Vietnam or Saigon, Ha Noi I saw happy posts, smiling pictures, and even saw a question as by a younger generation asking why 4/30/1975 they called as Liberation Day but our people were fleeing the country to find their freedom?

3 Things this April gave:

1) Remembering my grandfather, his birthday is today, if he is still alive, I might still be in CA not TX

2) No matter who won the war, all it left us wounds as this story, A father & son story regarding to 40 years Vietnamese War North South wounds fester:

3) We left our birth country, adopt, grew and be awesome like Dr. Tung Nguyen, you can read his article here about this 40 Years Ago: The End of the Vietnam War by Dr. Tung Nguyen

As for me April will always emotional one: Happy birthday Grandpa, I miss you!