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Numbness of Sept and Oct

Posted: March 3, 2016 in thoughts
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I meant to write this blog probably 5 months ago, but i think I got numb of the unexpected things happened in life.

Sept was supposed to be an excited month and so was Oct for celebration. Sometimes we just don’t know when life will throw us a curve ball, and what should we do? Trying to catch it or duck it? Or just standing there and taking it like a man or woman huh? I’m always a fan of changes and always up embracing it with both opened hands, but these are not changes. You probably wonder what I’m rambling about? More than two months and I’m still dealing with it …or them, maybe sharing these unexpectedness will ease the numbness

First: Somehow on an easy afternoon after-work, I was supposed to head out to a ladies happy hour night then it turned into an unhappy hours of phone calls to insurance company and police and of waiting for the cops to show up. Got hit in the back accident happened caused my first numbness of my mind, body and restlessness. Concerning about cancelling plans, insurance reporting, and car fixing matters was messing up with my body and mind but this unexpected thing I can handle and consider it as part of life, but the second one left me breathless!

Second: My only older brother, Luis who just turned 43 in last Sept and usually wouldn’t even reply to my texts of wishing him a very happy birthday. Every time I think of him, how I wish we had a chance to grow up together,  spend more time with each other or see each other more than 5 times per year. Counting all these years I have known this man, this only full bloodline brother of mine sometimes causes me heartache. First text message from him not to thank us for remembering his birthday or birthday wish, but to tell me that he’s been bed-ridden for more than 3 weeks without holding any food down. This led him to ER, the next updates I heard I had to come back to see him the last time. Everything went by quickly. 43! He left us when he just turned 42 in 2 weeks ago. It took a while to sink in that my brother is no longer with us. I still think of calling him here and there!  Maybe he never did leave us 🙂 He is forever loved by us!

The numbness comes and goes, so do people. Life keeps spinning and we will continue to stay grounded as we needed. Got to remind ourselves, care more, love more and give more!