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March came and went away quickly.

All of my 4 weekends in March were busy, 3 out of those 4 were for fundraising for Youth Leadership Len Duong camp 2015, and I worked the remain weekend.

March is always special to me, since it’s my, my sister, and my mom’s birth month. It’s also the month of remember my grandma, who passed away middle of March. This March I couldn’t come back visit my mom, sister to celebrate our birthday together or have a family gathering in CA for my grandma death anniversary. This is also the second March I have been in Austin.

Beginning of March it was a great chance I got from a friend, who introduced us to the group teaching him to meditate. I always wanted to learn more about meditation and its wonderful benefit, suddenly it happened. I got this gift from above, and I’m so grateful for this birthday gift. I have been trying to practice more and more everyday and hopefully I will continue doing this until the last day. Want to know more about the meditation class I took you can check out this site:

This year, I dedicated my first six months for fundraising Youth Leadership Len Duong camp 2015. You might ask what it is. It’s a program organized by Vietnamese Culture and Science Association, headquartered in Houston. I got a chance to attend their camp in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 …then I had to take a break since I moved to Asia. Last year was my first time coming back, and the new LD team had woken my passion of this special Youth Leadership program, which I loved a lot.

You can visit link: to find out more information this awesome organization

Also visit this link: to learn more about Len Duong camp. This is special program for youth from 18 and above, and also provide 11 scholarships for youth to apply so they can come to camp and meet other great Vietnamese American youths all over US, Canada and other places.

I have to say it was a challenge to take on this fundraising lead task, but that’s why it makes everything so much fun. So far our 4 teams from Houston, Dallas, Austin, Vancouver hosted our own fundraising effort and did a great job!  I’m learning everyday and being very grateful for having a chance just doing that.

Personally I’m trying to raise $3000 goal but it might be such a big goal for first time doing this lol, if you learn about VCSA and Len Duong camp and want to donate for this good cause, please visit this link to donate online: Thank you so much!

March will always be special month, doesn’t matter what year!